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Type 4 VW's are skyrocketing in price. Protect your investment!

We have two versions of our Hot Oil Sensor. The Type 1 style that you will find throughout our website and the Type 4 version discussed on this page. Please be sure that you have a Type 4 engine before you place your order. Pre-1972, Type 2 buses, generally have a Type 1, upright engine. 1972 and later buses came with the Type 4 engines. The Type 4 dipstick is also longer than the Type 1 at about 14", compared to the Type 1 at about 9".

What you receive is a full set of instructions, the connecting wire and a butterfly push-on connector so your dash warning light will continue to function as a low pressure warning device as well as a Hot Oil Warning device with the addition of the Hot Oil Sensor.

Note that the Type 4 Sensors are a little more expensive due to the additional materials required. Watch the video on our Home Page to see how the Sensor works in a typical air cooled VW engine.

Keep in mind that all your Sensor will arrve pre-calibrated to illuminate your dash light at 235 degrees (+/- 5 degrees). They are all adjustable and can be set to register at your desired temperature as well. See our Calibation information to learn how to adjust yours.

We offer a flat shipping rate both domestically and internationally. Be sure to choose your correct location to avoid delays. And finally, we do guarantee your satisfaction completely. If you are not 100% satisfied when your Sensor arrives simply return it and we will refund the purchase price.