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I got your sensor as a birthday present and I am absolutely satisfied. A simple and good technical solution. (Rainer is a certified English to German translator and very kindly translated our instructions for anyone who needs them in German) Thanks Rainer!
Rainier - Germany

Greg, received my oil sensor it is bad ass if you come up with any other air cooled products I will be be first in line to buy them thanks again.
Jeff - California, U.S.A.

Bought your product recently and thought I'd share my experience.'Drove from London To Harrogate the other day. Thought I'd push my 1200 '65 bug to its limits this time on the motorway. Within 20 mins of driving at 80-90 miles per hour the light flickered then immediately came on solid. After pulling over to the side of the road for a few mins the light went off. Now I never go over 70mph. This product saved my bug.'
Richard, London - U.K.

"Spring is coming in Finland and it seems that people want to save their bugs from overheating. We are again considering another order. We would like to order 25 pieces this time."
Tommy V. - Finland

"When I bought my first lot of Hot Oil Sensors off of you, it was with the intention of firstly distributing them amongst my mates who have VW related businesses. Unfortunately, they sold out immediately within my own VW club!!"
Muderick - South Africa
(If you live in South Africa please contact Muderick)

"106 degrees here today in Northern Arizona and my drive home is up a long gradual hill of about 10 miles. My dash light flickered a little, but when I got to the top of the grade, it went back out. I try not to go over 65mph on the freeway. At least I know my SaveMyBug gauge is working."
Jim H. - Arizona

"I got your sensor as a birthday present and I am absolutely satisfied. A simple and good technical solution."
Rainer G. - Germany

"Greg,just received it today! Works great as well,will tell my Italian vdub guys about this."
David G. - Italy

"I just wanted to shoot you a thank you for the fast shipment ... All to often companies take days to get a shipment out and it is incredibly frustrating for a consumer that the money can be taken from an account in seconds but shipping takes days. Keep up the good work and the fast shipping times as consumers we notice. I look forward to using the temp sensor and if it works as I suspect you likely will also be getting a public thank you on the samba."
Chad F. - USA

"More people should know about this BIG devise. Wonderful invention.
How may I help you get more customers?"
William L.

In his article on "How To Know When Your Engine Is Hot," Gene (Berg) recommends the use of a "slick little temperature sensor that goes into the dipstick hole..."

I found good accurate gauges range from about $250 to $350 and few people would buy them. What was needed was a device that gave the information required and was reasonably priced. That was the reason for the (Hot Oil Temp Sensor) in the first place. It is specifically made and calibrated to provide an accurate reading in the ranges of the VW air cooled engine. Originated by Hal Brown. Made in the USA.
B in North Raleigh

I'd like to ask (the) reasoning for wanting to install the gauges? Diagnostic purposes? Looks cool? (This) is a nifty dipstick Spensor for your oil temp. Accurate and cheap! I have used them for over 25 years.
Los Angeles, CA

Today I got my oil temp dipstick , it's very simple to install & very clean look. Thank you all for the feedback.
Arrow - Israel

It works great! Gave me a whole new perspective on driving styles and RPM's and how they effect engine temps. Much better that a Oil Temp Gauge.

I believe the dipstick is a valid 1st step diagnostic tool.
Los Angeles, CA

You can't go wrong for ($40.00) and 5 min. install time, plus (they) definitely know their VW stuff. Since it's calibrated for the needs of the air cooled VW engine you know you're getting the info. you need to know (when the engine is getting a little hotter than designed for) in a very straightforward way via the oil idiot light.

You got to love simple.

I'd recommend the dipstick i don't know why every aircooler doesn't have one.... easy install and its cheap insurance.
Scott - Brick, N.J.

By the way, absolutely brilliant device, I love good 'ol American ingenuity. Good job!
Comment received via email

Items look fantastic, will be fitting one in my personal car shortly.

Thx for the great product and great service.
Comment received via email

This device really works and have used them for over 20 years in my bus and bugs.
Bill- Los Angeles, CA

Still seems like my best ($35) bucks, the Temp Sensor, and keep my eyes on the red flickering light. Thanks.
Blaine, WA.

Got one of these in my 73 super... it works fine, and so far no lights.
Steve - Pataskala

When the oil is too hot and causes the temp stick to come on it makes the oil light flicker and will go out if you start slowing your speed down. I slow down by 5mph increments until it goes out (though mine has only gone on twice, both times up moderate to steep grades, warm weather and pushing the engine just a little too much...75ish mph)

Nice thing about it....... if you ever want
to know how hot your engine runs, you
can visually check it by looking at the
top of the sensor... the hotter it is,
the smaller the gap will be... unless it's
really hot and is grounding....
Reno - NV

Responding to a question about which is better to monitor, head or oil temperature...
I run the (Hot Oil) dipstick sender in all my bugs and buses. If the heads are too hot, the oil temp is going to let you know in short order. In fact, is there a reason for overheated oil that doesn't eventually shake out to be related to the cylinder head temperature?
Doc Hopper - CA