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About Us

Lets first talk about the person who invented this ingenious little device, Harold Brown. Born and raised in California his fascination for automobiles began at an early age. And it continues today.

In the 1960's his focus turned to the Volkswagen where he began educating himself about his own Volkswagen's ability to build and displace heat, it's ideal operating temperatures, and the effects of heat on the life span and reliable operation of this otherwise amazing engine. Through countless hours of field studies, controlled studies, pouring through VW literature and exchanging information with others in the industry, he was able to identify and overcome a serious flaw in the VW's original delivery of information.

He recognized that the VW engineers failed at notifying owners when their Air Cooled engine was operating at unsafe temperatures. This has tremendous consequences for those of us who operate our VW's in temperate climates, drive with heavy loads or climb steep hills.

After several iterations Mr. Brown satisfied himself with what others have called an "ingenious device that no Volkswagen owner should be without." It is every bit as simple, easy to understand and reliable as the automobile it serves. And we are proud to continue offering his Hot Oil Temperature Sensors using the identical assembly process, parts and guarantees that have kept these little devices a part of Volkswagen history.

Proud Volkswagen Heritage

It is difficult to separate a Volkswagen mentality from a Volkswagen owner; Simple, understated, reliable, trustworthy, etc. These are typical qualities among this group of enthusiasts. We like to think those qualities also define our love for the Volkswagen, as well as ourselves.

As a family, we have owned quite a few VW's in the last 40+ years, including a transporter that was purchased new in 1969, and remains in virtually the same condition as when it was purchased. Along with a 1967 beetle, dune buggy and others that have come and gone, we enjoy sharing our passion for the early VW's. Through our Hot Oil Sensors we believe you too can enjoy your air-cooled VW for many trouble free years, just as we have and continue to do today.

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